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About Our Company/ 会社紹介

BEREDER Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company established in 1998 by Frederic BEREDER. The company was started with the name “FRANCE–JAPAN ARCHITECTURE Co., Ltd.” as a response to Japan’s residential architecture renaissance. In May 2003, the company name was changed in to BEREDER Co., Ltd.

BEREDER Co., Ltd. has wide range of experience to find original solution. Our specialty is to develop a unique concept, which can fill the needs of the society. Our philosophy is to make utopia a reality. A freehand sketch system is the fundamental key to explore a new frontier and develop a pioneer attitude as a leader in this field.

BEREDER Co. Ltd. has developed consultant activities for assist Foreign Customers to enter Japanese Market. "Our mission is to lead you to success in Japan by objectively examining and maximizing your success factors, while minimizing your financial and brand risk in Japan."

Because of highly sophisticated consumers, market in Japan still has spacious vacancy as well as enormous potential for new comers. If one can provide exactly right segment or cluster of customers with right product and/or service at right time, everyone can be a great winner in Japan! It is still very natural for everyone to think about Japan as the next market after his/her domestic success.

   If you are seriously considering Japan market, Please contact BEREDER Co. Ltd. ASAP.

Our Entry to Japan Supports include preliminary market research, feasibility study, business planning, negotiation with key third parties with or without disclosing your name, arranging part-time executives and/or start-up staff, finding and opening office, outsourcing part of your operation, representing your operation and/or franchising, running whole start-up operation and so forth.